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Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Services Included
Insurance: Coverage and Options
General Conditions
Rates: Prices, Rate Types, Makes and Models
Payment Conditions
Cancellations, No-Show, Rental Extensions and Overdue Returns
Fuel Charges
Additional Drivers
Office Hours and Off-Hour Service
Pick-up & Drop-off at Santiago Airport
Pick-up & Drop-off at Puerto Montt Airport
One way rentals
Geographic Restrictions
Automatic Tolls in Santiago (TAG)
GPS Units

Note: CLP = Chilean pesos


Services Included

• Unlimited mileage
• Insurance covering collision damage, theft and third party liability, with deductible – See available options and conditions
• Additional driver at no extra charge
• Emergency roadside assistance 24×7
• Tolls for use of urban expressways within Santiago

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• Minimum age for all drivers: 23.
• A valid driver’s license and passport for each driver. (An international permit is not necessary to drive in Chile)
• A major credit card in the name of the renter (MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club or American Express) At the time of vehicle pick-up, the credit card must have an available balance equivalent to the amount of the rental plus CLP 350,000** as a guarantee*
• Payment is due before the start of the rental. To facilitate the rental process, the guarantee and rental value will be retained up to 72 hours before the pick-up date.

*The guarantee is a retention on the credit card during the term of the rental contract (it is not a charge). The retention is released when the rental contract is closed in our office. Please keep in mind that the liberation of the guarantee can take from several days up to a month when the credit card is of foreign origin. The time it takes to complete this process depends on the issuing bank and the credit card processing company. If the retention is not liberated within a month, please contact your bank first. If the problem persists, you can contact our customer service department an we will do what we can to speed the process up.

**If authorization for travel to Argentina is requested, the required guarantee increases to CLP 1,400,000.

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CDW: Partial Collision Damage Waiver – Included
This insurance covers collision damage and theft with the following deductibles: CLP 350,000 for collision damage in Chile, CLP 700,000 in case of theft or rollover, CLP 1,400,000 in case of collision damage or theft in Argentina. Hit and run, windshields, tires, accessories, radios, lost or damaged ignition keys, loss of vehicle documents are NOT covered by CDW.
DAT: Third Party Liability – Included
This insurance covers third party liability and civil responsibility up to CLP 12.5 million within Chile.
Emergency Roadside Assistance – Included
The insurance provides emergency assistance in case of accident or mechanical problems 24 hours a day throughout Chile and free emergency towing service in Chile and Argentina up to a maximum of 200 kilometers.
EDD: Waiver of Deductible for Collision – Optional
Additional coverage that waives the renter the responsibility of paying the CDW deductible in case of Collision. EDD is only applicable in Chile. This waiver does not cover Theft, Collision against non-moving Objects, Rollover without Collision, hit and run, Windshields, Tires, Accessories and Radios nor accidents or theft that occur out of Chilean territory.
SLP: Supplementary Liability Protection – Optional
Optional coverage that increases third party liability limit from the standard CLP 12.5 million to CLP 25 million. SLP is only valid in Chile.

Insurance Exclusions
Insurance coverage will not apply in the following events or circumstances:
• The driver is not in possession of a valid driver’s license.
• The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that produce disinhibitory or hallucinogenic effects or drowsiness. Under Chilean law a person is under the influence of alcohol if the concentration of alcohol is equal to or greater than 0.3 grams of alcohol per 1000 grams of blood at the time of the accident.
• The driver flees from the scene of the accident.
• The person driving has not been expressly authorized in the Rental Contract to drive the rental vehicle.
• Damage to the vehicle caused as a result of misuse, abuse or negligence.
• Damage caused by overloading the vehicle.
• Damage to parts or pieces in the undercarriage of the vehicle.
• Damage caused by driving in water or on roads in poor condition or unfit for vehicular traffic, or when weather conditions do not permit safe transit.
• Cigarette burns, carpet or upholstery stains.
• Damage to tires, wheels, hubcaps, windows, windshields or accessories unless caused as a result of an accident causing compensable damage to the rest of the vehicle, lost or damaged ignition keys, loss of vehicle documents.
• Damage to the vehicle or third-parties as a result of the commission of a crime, use in competition (bets, challenges, races or contests) or damage caused by deliberate malicious acts committed by the driver or his passengers with the intention of causing such damage.
• Failure to follow proper accident reporting procedures as informed at the time of vehicle pick up.

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General Conditions


Prices are subject to change without prior notice unless confirmed by a written reservation. All prices are in Chilean pesos (CLP). Any dollar amounts are approximate and will vary according to the rate of exchange at the time of payment.

Daily Rate: 24 hours from the pickup time.
Week-end Rate: pickup on Friday anytime during office hours and return the following Monday at the same time as pickup (3 full days). Pick-up and return in our Bellavista office exclusively.
Weekly Rate: applied to rentals of 7 or more days.

The indicated makes and models are subject to availability at the time of pickup. Therefore, our company reserves the right to make substitutions for vehicles of similar characteristics without prior notice.

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Payment Conditions

Payment is due before the start of the rental. To facilitate the rental process, the guarantee and rental value will be retained up to 72 hours before the pick-up date.

Debit cards are not accepted for guarantee, but may be used to pay for the rental.

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To cancel a reservation, we require our customers to advise us at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled pickup. For cancellations without prior notice (“No-Show”), we will charge one day of rental at the daily rate plus CLP 10,000 if the vehicle was taken to the airport, in addition to OFF-HOUR charges, if applicable. Payments for permits and insurance to travel to Argentina are not refundable.

Customers who do not show up at the scheduled date and time of reservation, will be considered “No-Show” and the reservation will be cancelled. As a courtesy, we will hold a vehicle for 1 hour after the original reservation pickup time, unless there is a wait list for the vehicle.

Any changes in date or time of return must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance. Rental extensions must be authorized at least 72 hours in advance. During high season, rental extension requests may be denied.

There is an additional charge for vehicles returned after the date and time specified in the contract. Every extra hour will be charged at 0.25 times the daily rate. Every extra day will be subject to a surcharge of 20% of the applicable daily rate.

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Fuel Charge

Fuel is not included. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel to avoid fuel charges.
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Additional Drivers

Additional drivers must be at least 23 years old and present a valid driver’s license and passport. Up to two additional drivers can be authorized.

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Office Hours

Our office hours are:

Location Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
Santiago Airport SCL 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
Santiago Bellavista 08:00 – 21:30 08:30 – 19:00 08:30 – 19:00
Santiago Downtown 08:00 – 21:30 08:30 – 19:00 08:30 – 19:00
Puerto Montt Airport 07:30 – 0:00 08:00 – 19:00 08:00 – 19:00
Pickup and drop-off can be arranged at any time outside our office hours, subject to additional charge as stated in our OFF-HOUR PICK-UP or DROP-OFF policy below.

Special Dates Dec 24* Dec 25 Dec 31* Jan 1 Holidays
Santiago Airport SCL 0:00-18:30 07:00-0:00 0:00-18:30 07:00-0:00 24 hrs
Santiago Bellavista 08:00-18:30 Closed 08:00-18:30 Closed 08:30-19:00
Santiago Downtown 08:00-18:30 Closed 08:00-18:30 Closed 08:30-19:00
Puerto Montt Aeropuerto 08:00-18:30 08:00-19:00 08:00-18:30 08:00-19:00 08:00-19:00
*On dates marked with an asterisk off-hour pickup and drop-off are not possible.

You can pick up or return your vehicle at anytime day or night only in our Santiago Airport SCL and Puerto Montt Airport locations. There is a one-time charge of CLP 7,000 tax included for pick-up and/or drop-off at any time at the Santiago airport. At the Puerto Montt airport there is an off-hour charge of CLP 17,900 tax included. Off-hour services must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

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Pick-up and Drop-off at the Santiago Airport

There is a one-time charge of CLP 7,000 tax included for pick-up and/or drop-off at the Santiago airport.

Our counter is located in the Rent-A-Car area next to door number 2 in the arrival level (1st floor).

Returns at Santiago Airport take place at the official Rent a Car area, next to the passenger terminal.

As you approach the terminal, follow the signs that say “Terminal de Carga Nacional – Rent a Car“. You must exit right before reaching the parking area and departure (embarques) zone, as shown in this map.

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Pick-up and Drop-off at the Puerto Montt Airport

Our office is located in a Rent-A-Car Terminal just outside the Puerto Montt airport. There is a free shuttle bus service to and from the Rent-A-Car Terminal. Transit time is less than three minutes.

Our agent will meet you at your arrival at the exit from baggage claim and accompany you to the shuttle bus. Please note that our company is based in the Rent-A-Car Terminal and, therefore, does not have an office inside the airport itself.

Vehicles should be returned at the Rent-A-Car Terminal. The shuttle bus will take you to the airport.

There is no charge for pick-up or drop-off at the Puerto Montt airport during office hours. Outside office hours there is a charge of CLP 17,900 tax included.

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One Way Rentals

It is possible to return cars to a different office than the originating office, subject to the charges specified in the table below (amounts are Chilean pesos and include sales tax):

Originating Office Destination Office Cost CLP
Bellavista Santiago Centro CLP 7.000
Santiago Centro Bellavista CLP 7.000
Santiago Puerto Montt CLP 299,900
Puerto Montt Santiago CLP 299,900

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Geographic Restrictions

Some of our vehicles** can be authorized to travel to Argentina with the purchase of a special permit and additional insurance. You must specify that you wish to travel to Argentina at least one week in advance of your pick-up date. Fees are as specified in our rates. It is NOT possible to travel to Peru or Bolivia in our vehicles.

The authorization for travel to Argentina is for the duration of the rental contract and cannot be extended. The renter is fully responsible for returning the rental vehicle to Chile on or before the expiration of the rental contract. The vehicle must be returned to Chile by the same person that was authorized to take it to Argentina. In case of mechanical problems or accident, the authorized renter must accompany the vehicle to the border to formalize its re-entry to Chile with the customs authorities.

To process the documentation, we require copies of the passports and driver’s licenses of each driver, the dates during which the vehicle will be in Argentina and the number of passengers that will be in the vehicle. We must receive this information at least one week before the start of the rental.

While in Argentina, the auto insurance covers theft of the rental vehicle as well as material damage caused by collision, roll-over, fire, lightning or explosion, subject to a deductible of CLP 1,400,000 (Chilean Pesos). The third-party liability insurance for Argentina covers damage to persons up to US$40,000 per person with a maximum of US$200,000 per event, and damage to objects up to US$20,000 per object with a maximum of US40,000 per event.

Payments for permits and insurance to travel to Argentina are not refundable.

**Vehicles in the categories Compact, Compact Elite, Midsize Elite, Fullsize Elite, SUV Elite, Minivan, Pickup D/C and Diesel Cargo Van. If authorization for travel to Argentina is requested, the required guarantee increases to CLP 1,400,000.

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Our vehicles have 24 hour road assistance in Chile. To request assistance you must call the telephone number specified in the Rental Contract.

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Santiago has a network of paid urban expressways which have an automatic toll system. Our prices include the use of the Santiago expressways. Tolls for use of roads out of Santiago are NOT included and must be paid by the renter directly in cash.

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GPS Units

GPS units are available as an optional service subject to additional charge. The units are of the Garmin brand and the maps of Chile are provided by Garmin Chile. The maps of Argentina, from Proyecto Mapear, are provided as a courtesy at no charge. Our company cannot be held responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, that could be attributed to malfunctioning GPS units or the accuracy of the installed maps. The renter is responsible for corroborating the direction of traffic and road conditions on-site. Eventual problems with the GPS units and/or maps will in no way exempt the renter from his/her contractual responsibilities as set forth in the motor vehicle rental contract.

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