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CO2 Neutral

Discover our Nature without leaving a trace

At Chilean Rent A Car we are concerned about our environment, so we are pioneers in offering our customers carbon-neutral car rentals. The emissions of our cars are being compensated by the planting of indigenous trees in the Patagonia that capture carbon dioxide, thereby contributing to the fight against global warming. We invite you to enjoy a 100% ecological visit, in the Chilean style.

We are Reforesting the Patagonia

To compensate the CO2 emissions of our cars, we have entered into an agreement with Patagonia Sur to reforest devastated areas of the Chilean Patagonia with indigenous species.

So when you rent at Chilean, apart from enjoying a carbon-neutral visit, you will also be:

• Contributing to the conservation of the Patagonia, recovering forests that have been destroyed by man.
• Reforesting with indigenous species such as Coigüe, Lenga and Ñirre.
• Recovering the habitat of the condor, the puma and other fauna in danger of extinction.
• Generating local jobs and promoting a sustainable economic activity in the Patagonia.

The forest that we are helping to recover is located at the coordinates 43° 43’59.15’’ South, 71° 47’35.68’’ West. Thank you for your collaboration in this noble cause.

Help us protect our environment.

With simple actions you can contribute to conserving our natural heritage.

• Plan your trips to avoid rush hours and congestion.
• Use a GPS or map to prevent getting lost and driving around unnecessarily.
• Shift gears before reaching 3000 RPM.
• Avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration.
• Respect the speed limits.
• Never leave trash in the places you visit.

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