Services and Coverages

Complement your trip with our optional services and coverages

Travel more comfortably and relaxed with our optional coverages and services. Explore our entire line of products designed to enrich your rental experience. You can select them when you make your booking (recommended) or when you pick up your car.

Additional Coverages:

Product Description Size* Price
Assistance Coverage Adds Roadside Assistance to the Standard coverage included in the rental.
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Small CLP 1,490/Day
Medium CLP 1,490/Day
Large CLP 1,490/Day
Plus Coverage Adds Reduction of CDW Deductible (RDD) to CLP 350,000 and Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP) that increases third party liability limit to CLP 28,300,000 to the Assistance coverage.
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Small CLP 2,990/Day
Medium CLP 4,990/Day
Large CLP 6,990/Day
Premium Coverage Adds Reduction of CDW Deductible Plus (RDD+) that reduces the CDW deductible to CLP 250,000 and Supplementary Liability Protection Plus (SLP+) that increases third party liability limit to CLP 42,450,000 to the Plus coverage.
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Small CLP 5,990/Day
Medium CLP 7,990/Day
Large CLP 9,990/Day
Super Protection Coverage
For ultimate peace of mind
Adds Waiver of CDW Deductible (EDD) and Accessory Coverage (SACA) to the Premium Coverage, and increases the limits of roadside assistance (AR+) and third party liability (SLP++) coverage.
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Small CLP 12,990/Day
Medium CLP 13,990/Day
Large CLP 14,990/Day
*Size Category
Small Citycar Plus, Compact, Economy, Furgón Gasolina, Pickup CS, Pickup Sport
Medium Medium Elite MT/AT, Full Elite AT, Crossover MT/AT, Pickup DC Gasolina, Pickup DC Diesel, Furgón Diesel
Large SUV, SUV Elite, City Van, Minivan, Minibus, Pickup 4×4 Diesel

Optional Equipment:

Product Description Price
Infant Seat Child Seat
For children from 9 to 18 kg. (19 – 39 lbs.) Required by law.
CLP 3,500/Day
Booster Seat Booster Seat
For children from 15 to 36 kg. (33 – 79 lbs.) Required by law for children up to 9 years of age.
CLP 3,500/Day
Ski Rack Ski Rack
Magnetic ski rack that holds up to 2 pairs of skis or 1 snowboard.
CLP 9,990/Day
Snow Chains Snow Chains
Snow chains must be carried in the vehicle while traveling on mountain roads during the winter months (June to September)
CLP 4,990/Day
Optional equipment subject to availability.

Optional Services:

Product Description Price
Additional Drivers Safety recommendation: alternate the driving every 2-3 hours on long journeys. With this product you can include as many additional drivers as you wish to your rental agreement for a moderate fee per driver.
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CLP 1,500/Day/Driver